FHG & TUBE database  

Welcome to the Smart Sponsors Free Hosted Gallery system!

Signing up to our Smart Sponsors system will allow you to expose your program and it's galleries and tube content to all sites running our hugely popular TGP/TUBE scripts. Smart Thumbs currently runs on more than 19.000 TGP's! The total number of clicks generated by sites running Smart Thumbs is over 120 million a day!, imagine the potential traffic you might see!

Once you have your FHG galleries in our system they are immediately available to all webmasters running Smart Thumbs and Smart Tube & Text, they can choose to sign up to your program and import your galleries with their affiliate id's in place! The webmaster can import your galleries by niche, category and than choose to auto crop or manually crop thumbs for them. Your tube content is available in Smart Tube & Text script.

Currently there are over 900.000 galleries in the system now and this number is growing real fast!

More and more program owners are taking our system seriously because they have seen an increase in sales and affiliates.
If you are curious to see how we implemented this into Smart Thumbs you can take a look at the Smart Thumbs demo. You can request url and login to demo here.

update! Smart Sponsors is now compatible with Autogallery SQL, TGP Rotator and TGPX adding huge traffic potential!

To assure this database will be clean and effective please follow the rules below.

1. No child porn, no bestiality no rape!
2. Put every gallery into the right category, niche and content type
3. Spell check your descriptions, bad grammar or weird English will look stupid
4. You must have a webmaster referral program preferably at 10%
5. Preferably NO watermarked content, many webmaster don't import galleries with watermarked content
6. All galleries must have descriptions that are accurate!

If you want you can put a ST seal on your affiliate page, you can download a full size .png file which you can re-size to the desired size, DOWNLOAD HERE

Breaking these rules will result in deletion from our system!